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Why Does My Aircon Leak?

An air conditioner is more than just a common household item; it is something that many of us could not live without. This is especially true during the summer months, when the weather may quickly become unbearably hot, and you find yourself spending as much time indoors as possible. Water leaks from air conditioners are […]

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The Optimal Aircon Temperature Setting for Summers and Winters

With summer this year expected to be a little more erratic than usual, people are preparing to have their utilities at their tip-top shape, or are purchasing air conditioning systems that could make the temperature much more comfortable. Even if the summer that started the year was one of the wettest we’ve had because of […]

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Two Reasons Why You Should Get a Ducted Aircon

It feels like it’s just getting hotter and hotter these days. If you feel like the heat is too much for you, don’t sweat it. Try and get a new air conditioner. That will really help you beat the heat while you’re indoors. However, some air conditioners may work better than others, depending on your […]

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Aircon Troubleshooting and Knowing When to Contact an Expert

In this day and age, with “YouTube University” being a thing for everyone when it comes to learning how to make things, troubleshooting stuff, or trying new hobbies, doing something yourself is not unheard of. Better yet, it’s go-to, and that’s great… depending on the type of concern. This is not a new occurrence in […]

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What to Consider When Buying a New Aircon

With every day that passes, it gets hotter and hotter. Temperatures in Sydney have been staying high, and weirdly, 2021 has seen the New South Wales capital experience quite a hot winter. With January fast approaching, there’s no telling what the temperatures will look like. Forecasts can predict, but it’s best to prepare. You’re thinking […]

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Split System Service

We can check operating temperatures (Air on/off)
Clean inside evaporator unit (coils and fins)
Inspect & replace any parts that need to be fixed, subject to the parts & issue as the price will vary.
Clean condenser exterior (casing of outside unit)
Examine safety controls
Ensure airconditioning unit is functioning


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