The Optimal Aircon Temperature Setting for Summers and Winters

The Optimal Aircon Temperature Setting for Summers and Winters


With summer this year expected to be a little more erratic than usual, people are preparing to have their utilities at their tip-top shape, or are purchasing air conditioning systems that could make the temperature much more comfortable. Even if the summer that started the year was one of the wettest we’ve had because of La Niña, it is still getting hotter and hotter as years go by.

As for the winter that just passed by, it was a little warmer than usual, but that does not mean that it was not too cold for comfort. You’re well aware that air conditioning systems are capable of both cooling for those warm summer days, and heating those nippy winter nights. However, the real question is, how low or high can the temperature go to have the most comfort in your home without breaking the bank on electricity bills?


Summers may be a catastrophe if you spend all of your time inside sweating. Old and outdated air conditioners can not only waste more energy, but some of their parts may fail over time, making your air conditioner less efficient. It is best to set your air conditioner to 24°C in the summer for the optimum benefits. This temperature is excellent for both normal summer weather and seasonal heatwaves. Although it may be tempting to lower it as the heat waves pass, this can reduce the effectiveness of your air conditioner and result in a higher electricity bill. But as mentioned at the beginning, if your air conditioning system is old, it might be more harrowing for your electricity bill in the long run. Ensuring that your system is updated will save you more money as time goes by, however, if you do not have the capacity to change it yet, then contact an expert to help you check what needs to be repaired or maintained air conditioner so you could get the most of your unit.


In the winter, a temperature of 20°C is optimal for keeping your house warm. Winter weather might be more consistent than summers, so your air conditioner won’t need much tweaking to stay at peak performance. In order to do this more efficiently, close any doors that lead out of the room where you’re warming up. Allow no heat to escape from the rooms you’re in if you want to be warm and cosy. Also, you will experience less heat loss if your home is properly insulated, keeping the warm temperatures consistent throughout the house for longer. With these factors present, saving up on electricity bills is highly likely as your air conditioning unit would not need to work as hard the whole day.

When should it be installed?

Given how vital it is to have your home’s temperature as cosy as possible throughout these extreme weathers, it would be best to call for aircon installation as soon as you can, if you do not have it yet. You don’t need to wait around for the weather to be uncomfortable before getting it. KYC Airconditioning offers free measure and quote to help you prepare for the air conditioning system that will be perfect for your home, so enquire with them now!


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