The 8 Best Air Conditioner Brands for Your Home

The 8 Best Air Conditioner Brands for Your Home


Air conditioners have been around a long time. Since its invention at the turn of the 20th century, the aircon’s design has gone through a number of improvements and changes. Because of those improvements, most of the air conditioners you can find are more efficient than the air conditioners of yesteryear.

This evolution has led to the emergence of numerous air conditioner brands, each contributing to the range and efficacy of modern cooling systems. Today, the best air conditioner brands in Australia not only focus on efficiency but also on integrating eco-friendly technologies and user-friendly features, making them stand out in a competitive market.

Join us as we explore the current top air conditioning units in the market and the brands that are shaping the future of home comfort.

What Can You Find in a Good Air Conditioner?

For today’s standards, it feels like most air conditioners are capable of simply being plugged in and forgotten about. But there are a few things to consider for the long-term usage of an air conditioning unit.

When looking for a brand new air conditioner, what are some good things to keep in mind? You might want to think about how it will fare over time if it’s going to stay in working shape. You’ll also want to think about things like energy consumption and how much it would reflect on your electricity bill.

In choosing among the latest air conditioner brands, it’s important to assess their energy efficiency, reliability and the features they offer. High energy efficiency can lead to significant savings on your electricity bills, while reliable air conditioner brands ensure that your unit remains functional with minimal maintenance.

On the other hand, advanced features such as smart thermostats, noise reduction and air quality enhancements can greatly enhance your comfort and the air conditioner’s usability. The best air conditioner brand for your home will balance these things perfectly to suit your needs.

It’s helpful to ask yourself questions like these moving forward:

  1. How often does it need to be maintained?
  2. How much energy does it require to run?
  3. How easy would it be to install?

Be sure to keep those in mind as we go through our picks for the 8 best aircon brands for your home.


Panasonic is a well-known air conditioner brand in the realm of home electronics. If you think of microwaves, power tools – and yes – air conditioners, Panasonic would have a product for that.

Why you should choose Panasonic:

  • They offer a 5-year warranty for their products.
  • A wide array of products will ensure you find a good fit for your home.
  • Their products include smart control capabilities, for easy access in and out of the home.


As one of the leading aircon brands in Australia, Fujitsu General has been supplying Australian homes with reliable products for long-term use. Its range of products can fit any space or personal taste, giving you an air conditioner that would work well in your home.

Why you should choose Fujitsu General:

  • It supplies a range of products from residential to commercial air conditioning.
  • This brand has a comprehensive service network in order to assist you with aircon needs, should they arise.
  • They supply cost-effective and energy-efficient products.


As one of the world’s leading electronics brands, Samsung also has a wide array of air conditioning products in its catalog. They supply air conditioners for residential and commercial applications.

Why you should choose Samsung:

  • Their products filter out microbes for clean air all around.
  • Smart control capabilities allow you to control your aircon from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • 5-year warranty for parts and labour.

5 – LG

Another well-known consumer electronics brand, LG is a Korean-based company that has expanded to the global market. LG’s catalogue also includes a wide range of air conditioning products that will suit your home.

Why you should choose LG:

  • They engineer their products to reduce the consumption of energy and water.
  • Their products include split systems, ducted systems, multi-split systems, cassette types, and more.
  • Their products can be controlled with voice commands, Google Assistant, or ThinQ (a third-party app).


With 80 years under its belt, Kelvinator has been delivering reliable air-conditioning solutions for the Australian home. You may recognise this air conditioner brand through its other product name, Electrolux.

Why you should choose Kelvinator:

  • Using the Kelvinator Connect app, you can control your aircon from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Their products include various filtration options, from dust to pollen.
  • Their products are easy to maintain and also consume less energy.


Not to be confused with the brand right after this entry, Mitsubishi Electric is known and trusted as one of the leading providers of consumer electronics. They provide air conditioning services for residential, commercial, and even industrial purposes.

Why you should choose Mitsubishi Electric:

  • Their “Econo-Cool” system allows the aircon to run with lower energy usage, but the same cooling capabilities.
  • With Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, you can control your air conditioning unit with ease.
  • Their products work quietly, with a total noise of only 19dB (Quieter than a whisper from 1.5 meters away).


Not to be confused with the above air conditioner brand, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is also a well-known and trusted brand, providing Australian homes with high-quality air conditioning for almost 30 years.

Why you should choose Mitsubishi Heavy Industries:

  • For approved customers, they provide interest-free installment plans for their products, allowing you to buy an aircon without punching a hole in your finances.
  • Their spirit for innovation is an assurance that any product you can get from them will be efficient and reliable in the long term.
  • With the tough climate in Australia, they provide comprehensive warranties, assuring customers that the quality of their products also comes with top-tier after-sale care.


For over 50 years, Daikin has proven itself as one of Australia’s trusted air conditioning brands. Daikin works from its state-of-the-art factory in Sydney, providing its customers with more efficient and reliable products on the regular.

Why you should choose Daikin:

  • They have a variety of products, from ducted aircon systems to split-system air conditioning.
  • Their range of split system air conditioners are the only ones approved by the National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Touch® program.
  • For over 50 years, they have been one of the most trusted brands for air conditioning in Australia. 

These are only a few of the best air conditioning brands that can help you fulfil your cooling needs at home. However, if it were up to us, our top picks would either be Daikin or Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Feel free to ask us why we prefer those two products.

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