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Air Conditioning Types

KYC Air Conditioning is your trusted partner for premium air conditioning solutions in Sydney. With over a decade of expertise, we specialise in delivering tailored air conditioning services for residential, commercial and industrial spaces.


From precise installations to expert advice on the ideal cooling systems for your needs, KYC ensures superior air quality and comfort. Choose KYC Air Conditioning for excellence in every aspect of the services we provide, from split air conditioning and multi-air conditioning to ducted air conditioning units from various brands.


Learn more about the different air conditioning types we service below. For more information, questions and concerns, feel free to reach out to us. You can also check out our work to get a first-hand look at the precision of our installations, the efficiency of our cooling systems and the seamless integration with diverse aesthetics.


Split air conditioning

Split air conditioning consists of two units — indoor and outdoor — connected by refrigerant lines. The indoor unit cools the room, while the outdoor unit disperses heat. Its flexibility and efficiency make it a popular choice for individual rooms or small spaces. Book our split air conditioning services if ever your unit is in need of installation, repair or maintenance solutions.


How energy-efficient is split air conditioning compared to other systems?

Split ACs are generally energy-efficient, offering good performance compared to other systems. Their flexibility in cooling individual rooms can contribute to energy savings by avoiding unnecessary cooling of unoccupied spaces.

What’s the best location for installing the indoor unit of my split air conditioning for optimal comfort?

We suggest installing the indoor unit of your split AC in a central location for optimal comfort. This ensures even distribution of cool air throughout the room. You can rest assured that our team at KYC Air Conditioning will find the best location for your unit installation and avoid placing it near sources of heat or obstructions to allow efficient air circulation.

Can I handle the installation of a split AC unit on my own, or should I seek professional assistance?

We advise seeking professional assistance from our team for split air conditioning installation. While DIY is possible for some, our professional installation ensures proper sizing, refrigerant handling and optimal performance, reducing the risk of issues.


Multi-air conditioning

Multi-air conditioning utilises a single outdoor unit to connect with multiple indoor units. This system allows different rooms or zones to be cooled independently, offering personalised comfort and energy savings. Ideal for larger spaces or homes with varying cooling needs in different areas.


Explore our multi-air conditioning services and book an appointment with us today.


How does the zoning feature in a multi-air conditioning system benefit my home’s comfort?

The zoning feature in a multi-air conditioning system allows independent control of different zones or rooms. This personalised cooling enhances overall home comfort by catering to individual preferences and optimising energy usage.

Is it possible to expand my multi-air conditioning system if my living space changes in the future?

Yes, with our professionals at KYC Air Conditioning, you can expand a multi-air conditioning system if your living space changes. Additional indoor units can be added to the existing outdoor unit, offering flexibility and scalability to adapt to evolving cooling needs.

What does inverter technology bring to multi-AC systems, and how does it benefit users?

Inverter technology in multi-AC systems allows for variable-speed operation, adjusting the compressor speed based on cooling demands. This results in energy efficiency, precise temperature control and quieter operation, benefiting multi-AC system users in terms of comfort and cost savings.


Ducted air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning employs a centralised system with hidden ducts distributing cool air throughout the entire space. It ensures consistent temperature control and a seamless aesthetic, making it suitable for larger homes or offices. In need of an installation or services for ducted air conditioning systems? Contact KYC Air Conditioning today.


How can I enhance the energy efficiency of my home with a ducted air conditioning system?

To enhance energy efficiency with a ducted AC system, ensure regular maintenance, proper insulation and use energy-efficient equipment. Zoning capabilities also help by cooling only the needed areas, reducing overall energy consumption.

Can I have different temperature zones in my home with a ducted air conditioning system?

Yes, ducted AC systems support different temperature zones. The zoning feature allows you to set individual temperatures for different areas or rooms, providing customised comfort throughout your home.

What role does the thermostat play in a ducted air conditioning system, and how does it benefit me as a homeowner?

The thermostat in a ducted AC system regulates the temperature by sensing the current conditions. It enables precise control over the cooling process, maintaining a consistent and comfortable environment while optimising energy usage for homeowners.


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The team were quick and left my home clean. I would highly recommend them for all your air conditioning needs.

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