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Proper Installation of Air Conditioner is Impetrative

Record breaking heat wave conditions in Sydney with recorded temperatures generally soaring over 40C this summer has made air conditioners an absolute necessity rather than a luxury. If you are planning to buy a new air conditioner in near future or for that matter thinking of getting it repaired, you need to pay attention to the following factors.

Installation cost

Two types of Air conditioners dominate the market—split air conditioner and windows air conditioner. However, in recent times split air conditioners have become more popular with the general public. And when we think of Split System Installation, the first thing that comes to majority of homeowners mind in Sydney is how much it is going to cost to install the air conditioner.

Split System Installation


Please remember that costs are not uniform as they are dependent upon a number of factors like the size of your home, its state of readiness for air conditioning, and the cost of the unit itself among other things.  However you can be assured that a quality provider of Air Conditioning Service in Sydney can do a really good of properly installing your AC without putting additional strain on your budget.

Energy rating of your air conditioners is an important determinant of how much energy your air conditioner will consume. But it is not the only one as air conditioners with good energy rating will consume a lot of energy if it is not properly installed. If you wish that cooling and energy efficiency of your air conditioner is not negatively impacted, please pay attention to the following factors.


It is imperative that you chose your air conditioner keeping in mind factors like size of the room, roof height, climatic conditions, cooling requirement, etc. Too large a size means the air conditioner will cycle on and off too frequently, which could result in a host of complications ranging from inefficient cooling, noisy operation, extra energy consumption, erratic indoor temperature and higher frequency of part failures.  On the other hand, if the size is too small, the air conditioner will have to work overtime to meet the cooling demands of your home which will lead to extra energy consumption.


The right sized AC with good energy efficiency will still fail to work to its optimum capacity in absence of proper installation. In fact, if the service provider has done a shoddy job of installing the air conditioner, all the money and effort put in purchasing the right AC will go down the drain.

Aircon Installation in Sydney


Finally, a good HVAC technician should pay proper attention to the ductwork during the installation process. Reports suggest that poorly sealed ducts, and lack of insulation can result in up to 35 percent drop in overall operating efficiency of the system. It is therefore you pay close attention to the way the service provider of ducted air conditioning system in Sydney carries out the job for enhanced air conditioning comfort.

KYC air-conditioning with its huge expertise and experience offer best in class air conditioning service at pocket-friendly prices with special emphasis on quality and customer service. With a solid reputation built around impeccable service, safety and quality, we are your one-step destination for all services related to your air conditioners.




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