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Is it worth installing ducted air conditioning?


Is Ducted Air Conditioning Worth It?

You spend a lot of time at home, therefore it needs to be cool, comfortable, and welcoming. Ducted air conditioning is among the most popular ways to provide cooling for your entire home. It works by delivering consistent, nice airflow to every room in your home through a network of pipes and vents installed in your ceiling or floor.

It’s difficult to move from room to room when your house starts to feel like an oven in the summer or a freezer in the winter. If you want to cool or heat your entire house rather than just a single small room, ducted air conditioning installation may be the way to go.

What Is A Ducted Air Con?

Ducted air conditioning Sydney is most commonly found in big establishments like hospitals and offices. A ducted air conditioning system operates by connecting a series of ducts to that of an internal unit that is installed either within the roof or beneath the floor of a home. The ducts connect the AC unit towards each area of the house, enabling you to cool each room separately with individual controls.

This type of AC system differs from window AC units in that it does not require you to make room for it inside your home. All that is required is enough space in the roof to place the indoor unit and a small space for it outside; the outdoor unit’s footprint is typically 1100 mm wide x 600 mm deep.

How Does Ducted AC Work?

Ducted air con functions similarly to split air conditioning systems in that an indoor unit is connected to an outside unit. The indoor central unit of ducted air conditioning, on the other hand, is located in the home’s ceiling. The internal unit contains an internal fan coil that attaches to the ducting.

Ducting is an insulated pipe system installed in either the ceiling or floor to circulate cool air throughout the home. Vents placed in each room of the house release air into the home. There is a control panel that can program and change settings to regulate the temperature and timing.

Controlling The Temperature Through Zoning

Zoning is a feature that can be added to a ducted air con unit. The control panel can be used to adjust the temperature or flow into each individual room or zones by the use of zoning. Essentially, the user can choose which rooms require air con at any given time, rather than heating or cooling the entire house. Temperatures can also be adjusted to various levels in different areas of the house.

Advantages Of Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

There are numerous advantages to having ducted air conditioning installation in your home. However, with a high price tag comes a significant amount of responsibility to produce a system that justifies the investment. Fortunately, ducted air conditioning Sydney lives up to its reputation, providing numerous benefits that quickly greatly exceed the initial investment.
It Increases Energy Efficiency
Zoning is a ducted AC feature that allows everyone to have their optimal temperature and airflow. To save energy, use the thermostat to change the heating and cooling of each room separately or to turn off zones entirely. Choose between heating only the living room as well as the master bedroom in the winter and cooling the rooms in bright sunlight in the summer.
It Saves You Money
Ducted air conditioning installation may be less expensive than installing multiple split AC systems to cover the same amount of floor space. It is actually easier to instal ducted air conditioning Sydney during the construction of a new home or the renovation of an older home, lowering installation costs.

Furthermore, using zoning can reduce the running costs of ducted AC, as can adjusting the temperature.

It Is Visually Appealing

Split AC systems, despite the best efforts of the design team, continue to stay intrusive and therefore can potentially disrupt the visual appeal of your home. With a ducted AC unit, the entire system is hidden within the roof, walls, and, if necessary, beneath the floor.

The thermostat will also come in modern styles to complement your smart technology devices or appliances. The only visible elements all throughout the interior are just the subtle vents, which can be styled to match your décor.

Things To Know Before Buying A Ducted Air Conditioning

Choosing the best AC unit for your house is a big decision. You want to make certain that you invest in with something that will not just cool your home but will also last as well as provide all of the features you require.

There are numerous distinct types of AC units, including the ducted air conditioning system, on the market today, and each one has a unique set of features. However, before making the decision, there are a few things to consider, including the following:

The area you have around your house for the outdoor unit
Number of rooms that need to be cooled
Your budget
If your roof cavity has enough room for a ducted indoor unit

The Bottomline: Is Ducted Air Conditioning Installation Worth The Money?

The right AC unit for your home will vary depending on the size of your home, the number of rooms to be cooled, and any special features you want in your air con system. A variety of factors may influence your decision to purchase a ducted AC system. These factors include cost, energy consumption, and convenience.

The weather in Sydney can be incredibly unpredictable. The summers are hot, and when the humidity sets in, it can be uncomfortable. Ducted air conditioning installation in Sydney is a long-term solution not only for your family but also for your home.

As a result, aircon is an important selling point for home buyers. Ducted AC system is a home improvement that adds significant value to your home’s value, and as such the initial investment can all be offset by a higher selling price if you decide to relocate or downsize.


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