Ducted Air Conditioning - The Right Choice for Your Sydney Home?

Ducted Air Conditioning – The Right Choice for Your Sydney Home?


As we go through some of the hottest months of the year, it’s important to remember our most valuable appliance during days we would otherwise melt air conditioners.

There’s a good reason why aircons are a mainstay in the average Australian home. However, questions arise regarding energy consumption, environmental sustainability, and financial feasibility.

The reality is, that most air conditioning products are expensive, yet aren’t as energy-efficient and environmentally conscious as one would hope. The good news is that there are products out there that are more designed to be more efficient (and cheaper to run).

Here, we take a look at ducted air conditioning systems and ask whether or not these could be a better choice for your home, your finances, and for the environment.

Why choose ducted air conditioning?

A ducted air-conditioning unit is designed to keep your whole house as cool (or warm) as you need it to be. These systems are usually found working from a central fan unit located on the roof. This unit then distributes the air all around the house.

As such, you wouldn’t think of cooling just one or two rooms with a ducted air conditioner. Some would use a split-system air conditioning unit for this purpose. But if you have a house with multiple rooms that need air conditioning for an extended period of time, a ducted system would work well.

How expensive is a ducted air conditioning system?

The price tag for ducted air conditioners can depend on the space you’ll put it in. For a small home, you could get one from about $5000 to $8000. For a large home, installation prices start at around $15,000. This makes sense because this is a system that runs through multiple rooms of the house.

Installation can prove to be lengthy, depending on the layout and size of your home. It makes sense that upfront, it can be quite expensive to buy a ducted air conditioner. But how expensive is it to run?

How expensive are the running costs for a ducted aircon system?

It can actually be relatively cheaper to run, since a lot of modern ducted air conditioning units are very energy efficient. You would be able to control how the aircon runs in different places around your house. You’d even be able to turn off the air conditioning in specific rooms as needed.

In Sydney, a year’s cost of running a ducted aircon system would go up to about $600, but this could also depend on your energy provider.

Is it right for your home?

There’s no doubt that because of how it can reflect on your energy bill, a ducted air conditioning system could prove to be beneficial. However, with the price tag, as well as the installation cost, would it be the right fit for your home?

A good way to figure that out would be to skip the trial-and-error and call the experts. KYC Air Conditioning has been providing quality aircon service and maintenance for over 10 years in the business. With 2000+ households serviced in Sydney, the people from KYC Air Conditioning certainly know what they’re doing, and can help you choose the best aircon for your home. Send an enquiry now, and you can avail of a free quote once you make your choice with KYC Air Conditioning.


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