Choosing ducted or split for your home?

Choosing ducted or split for your home?


Ducted VS Split System Air Conditioning

There are many people who feel like the Australian summer can be way too hot to simply run around with a water hose to cool down. The need for a good air conditioning system is huge and this is going to allow you to go on with your life without having to feel like you are inside an oven all day long. In this article, we are going to be talking about the differences between Ducted and Split system air conditioning and which one is going to be ideal for your needs and budget.

The features

Let’s begin with the ducted air conditioning system. This is basically a main air conditioning unit that has a series of ducts that lead to different areas in the house. This means that the cold air will travel to all of those ducts from a single source and cool the rooms. One of the biggest issues with this system is that it takes much longer to install the system in the house and some serious remodeling could be needed is the house is not optimal for the system.

Then we have the split system air conditioning units. These are going to cool a single room in your home and they can’t be used to cool several areas of the property. While the split systems are usually powerful enough to cool a large living room, they lack the features needed to provide cooling in several rooms.

The pros and cons of each system

We are going to give you all the pros and cons of both systems and this is going to allow you to find out which one is going to fit your needs the most.

The ducted air conditioning system


This particular system will be ideal to cool your entire house and it allows for different cooling settings to be given to each room, so this is definitely a very attractive plus that you have to keep in mind at all times. It’s also hidden from view so it won’t alter the look inside your home at all.

It’s quieter than the split system and it will do a much better job of keeping the entire house properly cooled down. This is definitely the best option if you have the budget for it.


It’s very expensive when compared to most split air conditioner solutions. Your energy bills will be much higher even if you are only looking to cool one room most of the time and many homes are simply not ideal to accommodate this kind of system. This means that remodeling will be needed before getting it done.

The split air conditioning system


Easy to install and with more flexibility in the way it operates. This is the best option for those who are on a budget and want to cool a single large room. This is an energy efficient system that can be ready for use at home immediately with a quick installation that is quite easy to get done.


The unit is very large and you need to have internal and external units installed. This is also a noisy system when compared to the ducted version. The latest splits are very quiet, but still not as quiet as the duct systems.


There is no way to deny that both of these systems will provide the same outcome which is to cool down an area of your home or your entire home, but the truth is that the split system is way more affordable and convenient, so if you had to judge this based on investment, the split system is the best way to go, but the ducted system is better if you have the money for it.

How to take care of your ducted air conditioning?

If you have decided that the ducted air conditioning system was the best choice for your needs, you need to remember that this is an air conditioning system that requires some maintenance and we are going to give you some important tips that will allow you to take proper care of your ducted air conditioning system for better and longer lasting results.

Issues with ducted air systems

The problems that come with a poorly maintained ducted air system include the contamination of the air that goes into your home and the increase in energy consumption as two of the most critical issues. Then, you will start to notice that the system is gradually having more trouble being able to cool your home efficiently at the same settings you used before and with the same temperature outside. You can also expect expensive repairs to be needed sooner than you imagined due to the lack of proper maintenance.

The best way to keep your air conditioning system in top shape

Your air conditioner needs to get checked from time to time just like you need to keep your body checked too. Hire a professional repair and maintenance service in order to get proper diagnosis of any repairs that might need to be done. The sooner you give maintenance to the system, the easier it will be for you to get smaller repairs that will keep the system working at optimal levels for a much longer period of time without the need for serious repairs.

Any unattended issues will be worse later

Holes in your ducts will deteriorate the system and bring in seriously hazardous bacteria from the outside. You need to make sure that this kind of issue is dealt with as quickly as possible because this is going to extend the life of the system and it will prevent health issues too. No need to hurt your body or your pockets with unnecessary expenses.

Clean and change the filters as needed

The filters will have a lifespan of no more than one year and you should clean them at least once before changing them. Some people can have their filters for up to two years but the conditions in the area and the maintenance they give to them will determine how long they last with proper functionality.

Always check the performance and monitor it daily

The best way to find out if your ducted air conditioning system is not working properly is to check if it cools the rooms with the same efficiency at the same temperatures. The longer it takes for it to cool a room and the more power it needs, the easier it will be for you to identify that some upgrades are needed.


Keeping your Ducted air Conditioning system working properly shouldn’t be too much of a hassle, but you can’t simply set it and forget it and expect the best results. You need to be able to monitor the performance and perform maintenance with professional service providers. This is going to ensure that the lifespan of your system will be as long as possible and that is a good way to make the most of your investment.

Always look for a reliable service that is going to give you the best diagnosis in order to decide what needs to be done to keep the air conditioning system working at full power.


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